Thursday, May 21, 2009

Son of Rambow

Yes, the title is spelled correctly. This movie, Son of Rambow, is about the making of a movie of the same title, by two boys somewhere in Britain. One is the class problem child--a thief, con artist, and truant. The other is an imaginative boy walled in by his mother (and dead father's) religious beliefs and the naive world they've given him.

The two meet, become master-slave (through a con), and eventually best friends. In their pursuit, they work on the film Son of Rambow, which they will be submitting to a local film contest. The plot line of the film their making is simple and direct, but makes perfect sense considering the two boys making it.

Enthralled by Silvester Stallone's Rambo, they begin work in earnest.

Scenes are at times cheesy, at other times poignant, and always thoughtful and even tear jerking. The two boys who play the main characters in this movie are extremely good actors for such youngsters.

This is definitely a great movie and worth watching.

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